WhatsApp New Feature Multiple Accounts


WhatsApp is an application under the supervision of META. WhatsApp is a Cloud messaging app and video and audio call app. It is easy to use and understand.

Why Do Users Need Multiple Accounts?

A user requires an account for professional and personal accounts managing both accounts is difficult but in one App both accounts can be handled easily.

WhatsApp Multiple Account Feature

WhatsApp has announced a new feature of multiple accounts in the app you can now open multiple accounts in one app. It is the feature that the user is waiting to convey this best idea. It is hard to manage dual accounts but in one app we can manage it easily.

Already WhatsApp has two apps which are WhatsApp Messenger and the second is WhatsApp Business but WhatsApp Business is not for professional and personal it for business it has a feature of store making and you can run ads easily. WhatsApp Messenger where you can use your professional account for studie

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