how to change WhatsApp group name


WhatsApp is a messaging chat app, that is used to communicate with people. It has many features like audio and video calls. You can easily call anyone who has WhatsApp installed. Also, you could create a WhatsApp group in the WhatsApp app. It is easy to use. Now, WhatsApp has released a new feature of channels, you can now easily create channels and get followed by your followers. Now, in this blog, I will tell you  how to change your WhatsApp group name

Why user wants to change WA group name

Sometimes when an user creates a WhatsApp group and it contains not matching words or by mistaken words then the user wants to change the WhatsApp group name. Sometimes the user does not like the group name so the user changes the WhatsApp group name.

how to change the WhatsApp group name

The process to change a WhatsApp group name is very easy and it can be changed in a few minutes. Follow these steps to change your WhatsApp Group name.

1. Open the WhatsApp app then open your WhatsApp group info or just click on the your group that is shown in the list

2. Then click on your WhatsApp group name like the screenshot is given for more detailed information.

3. Now click on three dots that are on the upper right side. Just click it then a menu will open.

4. Now three options are available to select you have to select change group name.

5. Now type your new WhatsApp group name you can use also emojies for more attractiveness and can paste readmate names from name generator etc.

6. Click ok to save your new WhatsApp group name.

as you can see your WhatsApp group name is changed. .

Overall, WhatsApp has many features we have to learn to use WhatsApp easily. In our blog, we will update you about all features one by one in our blogs with pieces of information.


Can you rename a WhatsApp group?

you can easily change your WhatsApp group via this blog read carefully apply the steps and then see how it works.

How do I change my WhatsApp title?

you can simply change it from your profile settings.

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