Sunday, July 4, 2021

OneCoin Very Important News For Crypto One

  Gas ⛽ Very important for Crypto One. Crypto One is very important to us. ⛽ Gas ⛽

This means if you used 50 gas from your 200 gas, the company would add 50 extra cash to your free 200 gas limit. Please note that you deserve a maximum of 200 free gas items at once. If you want to buy extra gas you can go to ′′ MY Wallet ′′ and click on GAS and you will see a package of GAS.

Add if 500 GAS that Free Company doesn't use, there won't be an extra GAS 200 more, it's only 200

Huayyyyyyyyyyyy 👌👌

Cash as we knew it was really going to melt or not?

Early June I'm surprised at the news that (banks no longer accept foreign currency). Actually this also applies to euros.

Payments are especially in over 1000 euros are also linked with evidence of originality. If you don't have it, you'll have a big problem if you can't confirm the origin, you'll know whether you'll follow it today and try to take it to the bank or lose it completely in a short financial future that can't prove it's origin. The law is the law. (Relationships by contract) will not be transferred to new financial system.

Another major event likely to happen on June 28, 2021 is Bazel 3

3st Bazelle is a lot of gifts to real gold investors. TER is a set of international contractions on bank's capital.

This is the constitution that ended immediately after the 2008-2009 economic crisis, Bazi 3 is a set of international agreements on enough capitalism. Test stress and easy cash in general market of banks, these multifunctional deals will be available June 28, 2021 for European banks and July 1 for UK. According to these agreements, gold will become a certain treasure. So buying and selling gold is even more expensive after that day. These facts are really successful for gold. This means investors in this precious metal can get great reward if they buy real gold before that date.

What does it mean for the bank? Interesting is gold must be real and must be kept in the funding table. It may not be a paper form or owned and hired by someone else. It's important to note that most investments in banks are rented either as a paper form can lead to big changes. Including the collapse of the bank!

Media has seen that some central banks and commercial banks are buying gold. Only a few people know what it is. Here's another proof that important information and knowledge are not available in college and media schools but it needs to find other sources. I truly received financial knowledge from OneAcademy #ONECOIN #ONEecosystem by providing basic information and everything is the result of my personal research

Katrina Kaif Scandel

e are pleased to present to the One Ecosystem Worldwide, a special Video announcement by our Captain King Jayms with some additional information on the long-anticipated and most revered, 'The  Rise of The One Ecosystem!  We anticipate that this event will be EPIC despite the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We are so privileged and excited to host this Event in Bulgaria! It is the first event of this magnitude being held in Sofia for all our IMAs Globally. All IMAs are invited and are advised that tickets are now available via our website.

VIP tickets are limited and exclusive, since there are only 60 tickets available. 1 VIP ticket grants access to 2 individuals to the entire event. We advise that you secure your VIP ticket to ensure that you enjoy the additional perks that comes with it. Every IMA will be treated special at the Event, however the VIP Ticket entitles you to much more! We therefore urge you to immediately get your VIP ticket in hand!

As the World continues to experience the impact of the Pandemic, which has led to tremendous negative economic consequences. As a result, many people are looking for genuine answers on how to navigate the Financial Crisis and take advantage of Opportunities that exists during this period.


The Level 2: Introduction to Financial Markets 2 – The Stock Market

In Level 1 the anteroom of the World of Finance was introduced, having been shown the most fundamental categories in the field, in the Level 1 Manual assets were also looked at.  In this Level 2 the focus is on how these assets work.  This will be done by looking at the specific places, in which operations with such equities take place – The Financial Markets.  This level also delves into some more details in the explanation of such phenomenon as the supply and demand that occur on the Market and how they affect the way your portfolios are established. 


So, we continue to look at the facilitators of trades - this week its: The NASDAQ.


The Nasdaq Stock Market is an American stock exchange based in New York City. It is ranked second on the list of stock exchanges by market capitalization of shares traded, behind the New York Stock Exchange. It is the world's first electronic quote system that provides price quotes and supports trading for over-the-counter stocks. The NASDAQ is a dealer's market as opposed to the auction market represented by the NYSE.

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